About this site

The goal

People are increasingly sick throughout the developed world, and for all our scientific accomplishments, a full understanding of how our bodies work and how to make them optimally healthy remains out of reach.

Such an understanding is also confounded by many competing interests– money, politics, sociology, cultural taboos, etc. that all limit the extent to which we are able to correctly and without bias understand our bodies.

Yet for thousands of years, primitive humans thrived across diverse environments, relying on instinctual and hereditary knowledge about their bodies and how to make them work correctly; knowledge that has been lost in recent centuries.

Unlike in the past, when the external world was mysterious and misunderstood, today

Not the animal world, not the plant world, not the miracle of the spheres, but man himself is now the crucial mystery
-- Joseph Campbell, "The Hero with a Thousand Faces"

We used to implicitly know how to be healthy, as our very survival depended on it. Although our survival and understanding of reality greatly benefited from technological progress, we know seemingly less and less about ourselves.

This is no small problem, and one worth solving. Therefore, the purpose of this site is to seek to demystify the way our bodies work and re-learn the methods of attaining optimal health.

To get there, we will draw upon diverse methods of inquiry, from contemporary health research, to anthropology, biology, history, self-experimentation, and pure reason, as any one source is liable to miss insights known to others.

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